Flower In The Snow 


Tell me - what can I do

there's nothing - that I wouldn't do for you
why should I tame my love and go - now
'cause it feels so strong
I wish you could see my...         

Flower in the snow 
never seen before
and I'm bleeding for the colour of that rose

Everything I own
for its shining glow
and the rose is like my love - see how it grows !

How can you ask for more ?

Take me - we're two of a kind
I don'nt know why - you're as cold as the winter outside
I still belive we can go higher
no - it can'nt be wrong
together we need that flower in the snow

Dreams of christal nights
as clear as winter skies
- our trip through the dark

Riding side by side
on fields so endless wide
I wanna say so much
but everything's freezing

 Flower in the snow
 never seen before
 and I'm bleeding for the colour of that rose
 Flower in the snow
 standing all allone
 oh - I'm freezing like a flower in the snow

  Hubert & Susanne Kemmler